Mongolian Culture: BUDDHISM

Preserving Mongolian Culture: BUDDHISM
Introduction to Buddhist thought and practice

(Enlightening Mind Publications & FPMT Mongolia)

A country reclaiming its past for a better future

Preserving Mongolian Culture: BUDDHISM is a 26-part educational series on Buddhism. Inspired by Lama Zopa Rinpoche's wish to revive Buddhism in Mongolia, this series covers the Lam Rim or The Graduated Path to Enlightenment. Some of the world's leading Buddhist teachers give these extraordinary teachings. They outline a clear path to enlightenment that everyone can understand and practice. The programs demonstrate how Buddhism is inspiring millions of people in the west. Western teachers and students share stories of transformation. Richard Gere and other celebrities host the programs.


Notes: English & Mongolian = WEB & PDF, English = MP3
  1. Introduction
  2. Heroes and Highlights of Mongolian Buddhism
  3. The First Noble Truth
  4. The Second Noble Truth
  5. The Third Noble Truth
  6. The Fourth Noble Truth
  7. Renunciation
  8. Bodhicitta
  9. Wisdom
  10. Finding a Teacher
  11. Precious Human Rebirth
  12. Death
  13. Karma
  14. The Six Perfections (1)
  15. The Six Perfections (2)
  16. Lojong
  17. The Eight Worldly Concerns
  18. Tonglen
  19. Karma and Emptiness
  20. The Twelve Links
  21. The Five Paths
  22. Living with Vows
  23. Meditation
  24. Correct View
  25. Series Review

Since the political climate changed in 1990, an increasing number of Mongolian students are endeavoring to read and study Dharma texts in their native language. Many of the old Buddhist texts that survived the purges were either in Tibetan or in the original Mongolian script. This script is difficult for many modern day Mongolians to understand as it was replaced by a new alphabet during the time of the Communist occupation.

There is an urgent need to print Dharma books, especially in modern Mongolian language that our youth can relate to and understand. People are becoming more interested in their traditional religion but are having difficulty in finding literature  that clearly explains the Dharma.

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