Saturday, December 28, 2013

What Color is Your Mind?

What Color is Your Mind?
by Thubten Chodron

What is the essence of the Buddha's teachings? Simply speaking, it is to avoid harming others and to help them as much as possible.
"If you want to know about your past life, look at your present body. If you want to know about your future life, look at your present mind." Tibetan saying
By reflecting on impermanence and unsatisfactory experiences, we can deal better with all unpleasant events that occur because we're still in the cycle of constantly recurring problems.

Love doesn't expect anything from others in return. We accept people for who they are and try to help them, but we aren't concerned with how we'll benefit from the relationship. Real love isn't jealous, possessive or limited to just a few near and dear ones. Rather, ti's impartial and is felt for all beings.

Emotionally beating up on ourselves doesn't alter the past or develop our potential. It only immobilizes us and makes us spiral down into our won self-centeredness.

Guilt often comes from considering something our responsibility when it isn't.

Sometimes acceptance, patience and inaction are the most effective ways we can be of aid.

It isn't what we eat that makes us enlightened, it's what we do with our minds.

Children often provide the best - and most difficult - opportunity to practice patience.

We become like the people we respect, so when we take the loving-kindness and wisdom of the Buddhas as our example, we strive to become like them.


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