Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Path with Heart

A Path with Heart
A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life
by Jack Kornfield

Spiritual joy and wisdom do not come through possession but rather through our capacity to open, to love more fully, and to move and be free in life.

Our love is the source of all energy to create and connect.

In sitting on the meditation cushion and assuming the meditation posture, we connect ourselves with the present moment in this body and on this earth. We sit in this physical body halfway between heaven and earth...

Even the most exacted states and the most exceptional spiritual accomplishments are unimportant if we cannot be happy in the most basic and ordinary ways.

Boredom comes from lack of attention.

Restlessness is only the surface level of a beautiful wellspring of energy within us, an unrestricted flow of creativity.

Compassion for ourselves gives rise to the power to transform resentment into forgiveness, hatred into friendliness, and fear into respect for all beings.

...when these qualities of Buddha nature and personal self are combined with a deep realization of the emptiness of self, we can be said to have fully discovered the nature of self. This true self is both unique and universal, both empty and full.

True compassion arises from a healthy sense of self, from an awareness of who we are that honors our own capacities and fears, our own feelings and integrity, along with those of others.

To undertake a genuine spiritual path is not to avoid difficulties but to learn the art of making mistakes wakefully, to bring to them the transformative power of our heart.


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