Sunday, October 21, 2012

One Breath at a Time

One Breath at a Time
by Kevin Griffin

Letting go, dropping the tendency to chase after external, and even internal gratification brings the greatest joy.

The Buddha was emphatic on the point that we are responsible moment to moment for our words and actions, not just victims of destiny or hidden forces, we have an element of free will.

...before you can really let go of ego, you need a healthy ego.

I can feel good about helping people feel happy, and I appreciate that I can be part of something without being the whole thing.

Certainly quietness and solitude are powerful tools for practice. But the heart work of connection is equally powerful and vital to our growth.

The simplest definition of Buddhist right speech is to say only “What is true and useful.”

Because of your perfectionism, you keep putting off doing anything which leads to procrastination, after a while, you can't function, paralysis. The three Ps.

Now I try to not to worry about my identity and just do what seems like the right thing to do.

...the real value of the spiritual life isn't found in moments of great bliss but in the daily application of mindfulness and lovingkindness.

We are a process, we are possibilities, and we constantly change.

Forgiveness is something we do in our own hearts to relieve ourselves of the pain of resentment.

We need to maintain the balance between effort and acceptance, between perfection and forgiveness, between letting go and taking care of our needs. Once again, the Middle Way acts as our guide, gently moving us forward on our path.

Addiction is desire run rampant.

We don't let go because there is some rule that says we most; we let go because we see how our clinging is causing pain.


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